Citizens for Rail Security
Keeping America's rail transportation network safe from crime and terrorist activity is a high-priority for today's railroad industry.
Citizens for Rail Security (CRS) encourages rail fans to report suspicious activities, trespassers or individuals to BNSF's Resource Operations Command Center.

However, when pursuing your hobby you do not have the right to trespass on railroad property or rights-of-way. It is illegal and dangerous and will be viewed by law enforcement as a criminal offense subject to arrest and prosecution.

  • Do not take photographs of military trains and equipment.
  • Only take photographs or view trains from public locations.
  • When taking photographs from public railroad crossings, stay at least 15 feet away from the nearest rail. This rule applies for staged "photo run-bys" as well.
  • Cooperate fully with railroad police or other law enforcement officers when contacted.
  • If suspicious activities are noted, report it to railroad or local law enforcement officers. DO NOT TAKE ANY FURTHER ACTION!

I understand that trespassing is a criminal offense and that I may be arrested and prosecuted if I trespass on railroad property. I will not trespass on any railway property or right-of-way.


Thank you for your interest in BNSF.